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So I was out of work for a couple of years and did't have dental insurance, so I haven't been able to go to the dentist in a while. Now I have dental insurance again and I'm trying to find a good group of Dentists in St. Louis. Since it's been so long for me being to a dentist, who knows what type of work I will need. I would also love to get my teeth whitened and who knows maybe even check out invisalign. My kids haven't been going to the dentist either, so I am excited to be able to get them back into see a dentist. Having emergency dental or an emergency dentist would be good to have as well, just in case there is an issue. If I have an emergency I would like a dentist that I know to work with.

I am new to the city of St. Louis and haven't had insurance here, so obviously I don't know about the local dentists here. Not having insurance this long has been a tough time. My issue is not knowing what dentist to trust. I would love to find an office of Dentists in St. Louis that can fix all of the issues with my teeth. On top of trusting the dentist they need to take my insurance and be able to do all of the things that I asked of them. It would be so nice, if the dentist office would just put everyone under for all of their procedures.

I am hearing great thinks about a particular office with a couple of Dentists in St. Louis. I am told that they have emergency dental services and are able to do professional teeth whitening too. They take my insurance and do the things that I have asked for, so these are both good things. It seems like these will be my choice, but I have to do a little more research first. My friends have all told me good things and I have read good reviews so that might be enough for me to decide on whether to choose them or not.

I did some more research and then decided to go ahead and pick this particular group of Dentists in St. Louis. All signs point to me being happy, nothing but good reviews and word of mouth. I called and made my first appointment for early next week. They said I would be ok, and remain calm, but I'm sure they tell everyone that. I will take something for my nerves and everything should be fine. Especially if the dentist is good like they say.